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Pics Of My Rolla XRS

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Here is a night and day shot of my xrs

Current Mods:
Rear 3 Windows 35% Tint
16x7 Enkei OR52 Anthracite
Street Glow BlueLine Red Undercar Lights

The rims look like sh*t at night in the pics but in real life they look awsome.



Lemme know what you think


**Edit: fixed your links --Ratko **
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It Looks pretty nice...
sweeeeeet!:thumbup: by the way, are you going to drop the car?
I have been debating it, not 100% sure

it needs a 1 - 1.5 inch drop tho :)
The XRS is already dropped an inch from the factory, right? how come it looks like it's even higher than a regular corolla? Is it the lighting, or are you running undersized tires?
Its probably the lighting because i used the same size rims as factory so that i didnt have to buy new rubber :)

Glad u all like it, I'm getting a decal put on the rear window thurs so i'll post some pics of that once it is on there.

Yeah man... Nice Car...
But like some of them said it did look a bit high...
Yeah the XRS needs to drop at least 1" to look proper.
Hey hatch.. sup.. were u driving on circle at around 6 pm? Cicle onto the warman exit then on to churchill ?
BenG said:
The XRS is already dropped an inch from the factory, right?
yea toyota droped hte car .5" from the 03/04 model, but it still needs more of a drop
props on the XRS,
my girl friend was interested in that car.. small car BIG power!

but does need to be lowered, IMO i'd think atleast 2 in drop and some bigger rims. :thumbsup:
Kartiz - quite possibly :) was i going a rediculus speed? if not is probably wasnt me :lol:

Why u ask? :)

Yes.. u were blazing fast.. it was pretty busy on circle and i look in my rear view mirror and i see a car comming up to me really fast.. then u went around me.. and cut in front of me =p .. then i was like.. ohh.. an XRS..looks kinda familiar.. then i thought it might be you.. so i tailed u a lil =p but u turned off onto churchill so i coudlnt see what the driver looked like.. hehe.. btw.. i was driving a Camry >_<
my bad - i appolijize profusely :respect:
(i cant spell :lol:)

I might remmeber - r u asain?
yea.. i'm asian.. no worries bro... its cool.... u dind't really cut me off or anything.. i knew u were in a lil rush so i gave u some room.. but i luv your car bro... looks very nice
HAHAHA i know who u are now lol - Fu*k small world eh(if i remember correctly you wouldnt let me merge infront of u :lol: :lol: :lol: )

thanks for the compliment - just stuck a new decal on the rear window that reads "XRS" and then under "Ens Lexus Toyota"

hahahaha mayb.. altho i was on the ouside lane(far left).. i prob dind't wanna let u in at first :lol: .. but i had a feeling no matter what u were gonna get in there :p: .. so u got your way and got some room.. lol

I love the antenna on the XRS tho.. it makes it look like a toy car.. its so cool... hehe
haha yeh what i would love to put on there is a red illuminated one - because i think that it is SOOO rice it would look cool w/ my neons lol
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