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pics of my truck before the new engine

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heres a few pics of the truck as before picture. it has a few upgrades like 4 runner power mirrors and del sol buckets. it has alot more now and im working on the onboard in dash computer system currently. today i built a console to house the mini itx shuttle pc. i dont have a digi cam available but i will get pics of the progress soon.
i plan on taking more pics soon and as i said these were from about 2 months ago . its come a long way from the 500 dollar beater it was.
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heres a few more, how do i make em smaller?

by the way anybody know where to get the carpet or the cover for the metal behind the seats on the cab? i want the piece that comes on the stock trucks with buckets or ex cab.
how long did it take to get your motor out? Was it hard? Ive been thinking of building mine up as well in the near future.

since your truck is lifted youll have an easier job. it took me about 2 hours this time and it was pretty easy. the lfirst time i swapped engines to a donor engine it took about 3 hours to pull because i had never pulled an engine from a toyota so was carefull and made sure i had everything disconnected. i pulled it tranny and all on my 2wd and as for a 4wd its probabally a bit more tedious when it gets to the transmission but i think you can pull it out with the engine still. if i was going to pull it out again i could do it in an hour and a half if i was busting my ass. by myself with air tools that is. i dropped the engine in by myself also, if you see the pic of the motor mount it has the one bolt sticking up. i removed that from the frame and bolted it to the engine. this way the tabs on the frame will basicly guide it right into place and the two bolts on each side drop right in. its also easier to drop in with the exhaust main/header on already and the intake manifold also. i wrapped a tow strap arround the engine a few times and set in down. ill have pics of the engine soon.
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damn sub your making lots of progress with your truck man. Keep us updated and good luck!
thanks man the truck has been a project i will probabally never finish even when its done. ive posted alot of other pics in the other thred but i will take more tomarrow in the daytime.
I like your seats. Did the they bolt right in or did you have to drill into the floor to mount? Any particular seats work better than others? I want to lose my bench eventually...

Good luck on your swap. When do you plan on getting back on the road?
thanks man, its actually on the road now i just decided to post a few progress refrence points for some motor-vation. 1.JPG grille.JPG

the seats are from a honda del sol not sure what year exactly but i think they are all the same size. the seats were a direct bolt in with the exception of one bolt on each seat.
MyTrix said:
I like your seats. Did the they bolt right in or did you have to drill into the floor to mount? Any particular seats work better than others? I want to lose my bench eventually...

Good luck on your swap. When do you plan on getting back on the road?
I used Celica Buckets they fit in almost perfect.. But also ext cab pickup and 4 runner buckets will fit in there almost perfect

SUB.... Truck is coming along nicely.. Now get some wheels and
i looked at some leather seats from a celica, i liked them cuz they had a toyota logo on them but the seemed too thick when i looked at them and i didnt want black leather seats m especially inthe florida sun. i got lucky when i found the del sol seats and i got them for 50 bux at a local yard where i get discounts through my buddy who pulls parts there. he also got me a power steering changeover for 40 bux. civic seats work too . in my 89 b 2200 i had pontiac sunfire buckets but they were a little thicker and after that i was dead set on finding the thinnest possible seat that would bolt in my toyota. pontiac fiero seats will work and are about the thinnest ive seen. also mr2 seats may work.
SUB.... Truck is coming along nicely.. Now get some wheels and[/QUOTE]

thanks dave, the reason im waiting on paint is i need to have my bed straightened out first. i dont want to paint it with a bunch of dents in it. unfortunatly my truck was a work truck during my 3 years as a cable tv contractor. i recently was laid off and have been waiting on a job to come through working directly as a supervisor for the cable company. i am finally starting on tuesday!!:banger: . as for the wheels i am waiting untill i lift the truck and get the whole thing mechanicly sound before i do that. i actually have the matching set like the rear wheels but they are 15's and i dont have any tires to fit them or cash to buy em , plus the front tires still have tread on em ... since being laid off ive been mostly working on the engine and the chassis and i have only recently picked up on the interior . most of the stuff ive done has been very cheap stuff or custom work that doesnt cost much money. i plan on dropping alot more cash into it soon but im not really rushing to do it, . my sonoma just had to have the tranny replaced so it left me kinda tight paying the 250$ deductible for the extended warranty. anyways i enjoy wrenching alot and now that i have money flowing again the old lady wont have a shit fit if i drop some money into the trucks.

i just got my sonoma back yesterday ,ill go take pics of it tomarrow after my orientation.
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sounds good man cant wait to see some progress pics, I think I found the wheels im gonna get, Im sellin my 17's on ebay.. and I found a set of Nice 15x7 Ultra wheels in chrome
woah sub what have u done to your engine? i saw some writin on the firewall.
i just rebuilt it with the kit and added moly rings and a new polished and ported head with heavy duty retainers and oversized stainless steel valves. i only have the stock cam right now but i plan on swapping it out for a torquer and i am going to put a header on. only bad thing about the engine builder kit is the crappy cork oil pan gasket that leaks a little bit. im going to switch to a rubber one when i change my oil next time. the block is actually .020'' over and the crank is .020'' also. i wrote .040'' before i realized i was going to use a different block because .040'' is a about the end of the the block and i didnt want to go .060'' because its hard to get pistons to fit and its really thin.
damn you did what i want to do. So how many liters is your truck now? 2.5? 2.6? im really thinkin about over borein my block. Hows the truck feel now? any gear improvements while climbing hills?
well mine is a 2wd but it does have a noticable improvement in power. i cant wait to bolt the cam and header on. i have towed a few vehicles with a tow strap and it pulled with no strain at all. my buddy was pissed that i was towing him because my truck is 3 years older than his. i told him that he better get used to being behind me if he's driving a chevy . thats comming from a chevy guy too. he instised on calling mine a rice burner and i said are you sure you want to push it yourself next time?
dont know about everyone else, but i could have waited to see the before pictures untill after :ugh3:
well then dont look until after. if you dont like it oh well, opinions are like a**holes everybody's got one.
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