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Pics of my "UFO Lights" setup

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Hey guys whats up? My name is Mike & I just added to this site yesterday, and i wanted to get some feedback on a couple of thngs from real Tacoma Enthusiasts.

1. Brush Guard; lots of people like it, some people say its *******, Girls love it, I am 95% sure that it will stay on, what do you guys think?

2. Exhaust tips; they are Smoked Chrome finish, dual 18" tips, i wanted them angled at a 45 degree angle with the bumper corners and pointed down and thats how i like them becasue it Looks different from lots of trucks ive seen, Anyone have a better idea of how i should I angle them differently?

3. Like the lights? Some people call them Rock Crawling Lights, or Rock Lights. I call them UFO Lights, becasue one of my friends driving in front of me on the Freeway and I switched just the under lights on and turned everything else off at night & he said YOUR TRUCK LOOKS LIKE A UFO coming up behind me!

I have been going through a bunch of posts and there are some BAD ASS 05+ Tacomas with all kinds of bells and whistles. Here are a list of my Mods I've done since I bought the Tacoma that has been named REX. It was my 21st Birthday present from myself. LOL!

- 20% Side Tint to match Factory Tint (already got 2 fix it tickets that i paid off instead of fixing)
- URD Short Shifter for the 6-speed Tranny
- 17" Black Helo Maxx 6's Wrapped in BFG Mud Terrain 285x70x17 Tires
- Fabtech 6" Lift
- Flowmaster w/ single in dual out & Smoked Chrome 18" Tips
- Brush Guard
- Tail light Guards
- Westin Nerf Bars
- Removed Mud-Flaps
- KC Fog Lights
- 6 Hella Work Lights underneath
- Hella Fog Horn wired to factory system
- Stubby Black Metal Antenna
- (Speakers, amp, and 17" Flip-down DVD to come soon)

Stock (Day 2)

Less Stock (Week 2)

2.5" DayStar Spacer & Leveling Kit installed

Fabtech 6" Lift installed

Night Time

Sorry For The Long Post but hopefully ya'll like the Truck.
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not too shabby. is the truck actually used off road or is it more for show?
TucsonTRD said:
not too shabby. is the truck actually used off road or is it more for show?
Thanks, Both. I cant find too many places to go off-roading around the SF bay area but I actually drove it up a Black Diamond Ski Run in Lake Tahoe during the summer when the ski resort was closed. We drove for 45 minutes up from the Nevada side and ended up on the California Side. OUR TRUCKS CAN HAUL ASS!
Nice lights but how many batteries are you running?
Beautiful truck...Do the cops ever bother you about the rock lights while your driving? or do you just not run the while driving. It looks nice, Wouldnt mind doing something similar...
love the truck, i want to do something similar with mine.
Thanks guys. I run a stock single battery. I have switches for all the lights, and i keep them off most of the time. However the rock lights get people scared, i flip em on in the fast lane of the freeway at night sometimes, people clear out 1/4 mile ahead. hahahh! :bump:
How did you wire/mount them? I was planning something similar but wasn't sure.
Truck looks nice, man!
Where did you buy your UFO lights or brand etc....???
I Like it. Very nice. Good job on the combination of accessories. Everything goes together really well.
I like your truck alot. The brushgaurd doesn't look ******* (or maybe it does, and I just are one), but I don't like the angle of the exhaust tips, but that's just me. It's your truck, and if you like it, ROCK ON! Nice truck, but you should debadge it.:thumbup:
Badass truck! I'd look into an Odyssey PC1700MJT Battery or the bigger 2150.
it looks fucken sick man!!!

loving the ufo lights!!

i wouldnt want to be the car infront of you when ur driving
Thanks again. The UFO lights are Hella Work Lights, 8$ each. Two are mounted to the frame on the sides, two are mounted to the cross frame in the front, and two are mounted on the "x" frame where the spare used to be. I ditched the spare for room for the exhaust and lights. I had it done at a local truck shop, just a few relays, wires running parallel to the frame, and a switch under the coin holder on the panel.
Link for lights ( )
I like the truck a lot. Just not big on the grocery cart pushbars. Would looke really sweet with a ARB.
Ah doesn't sound to bad at all. Love your truck man, you just need to do that Black headlight mod or clear corner it.
What size tires are those? In the night time pics, they look like BFG Muds, but the daytime pics look like something else.
The truck looks awesome! I love the bush gaurd, is it a WAGG?
That's a fuckin sick truck man! Everytime i see one with the 6" Fabtech i just know that i'm gonna have to go bigger in the future. It just looks awesome. I like the brushguard too, i think it looks pretty sick. What run at heavenly did you drive up? I'm assuming heavenly because of the Nevada, Cali reference. I like the lights a lot too have given me more inspiration for mods that wasn't needed, but i guess i've got some christmas break projects to take care of now. Keep up the good work, and look into the clear or black headlight mod, i think it'd look great on your truck with the all black...
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