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Pics of the FD and the SC 430

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FD is my babe, downpipe, 99 efeni twin turbos, some other goodies. Im right at about 370-380 geting to the wheels. My best run is a 12.2 1/4 mile.
The SC is the parents, going to be doing alot of work on it for them(dad wants some more hp out of it) It has a t56 with all the surporting mods in line for it. Also thinking about a 50 shot of Nitros Oxide.

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helped you fix it.

very nice! im jealous.
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Sweet cars man!
pictures pictures pictures!
Damn ncie cars. What's FD?
dna59 said:
Damn ncie cars. What's FD?
FD is the chasis(or engine?) code for the newest generation RX-7. The previous generation is FC I beleive.
^ yea i think it is the engine code...and FC is the prev gen
negative its chasis. The engine is 13b, 2 rotor.
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