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(Pics) RB26 powered Mustang

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wow! JDM-licious! :eek: Crazy japanese guys!
even that exhaust looks like its for imports~~ :eek:
:wtf: you keep an american muscle an american muscle, what the hells that nissan engine doing in it keep a 409 in it
naw that car lloks sweeet they could of at least put a Musclecar exhaust.
the engine isn't a bad idea tho
I'm guessing its a movie car for 3Fast 3Retarded. Whats up with the matching whatever mobiles in the back?
needs some different rims and exhaust and it wouldn't be that bad.x
Cool :cool:
Just take that stupid exhaust off, and get the body in decent shape and its set!
wheres the camaro with the 2JZ?
Definately needs a new exhaust
Yup, confirmed. That car is from Fast and Furious 3. Yippie...
Poor '67 Shelby GT-500! What have those mean boys done to you??
Eleanor! Why?!?!

Looks okay, but a muscle cars needs to stay a muscle car.
if it was mine, I would have spent my money at the paint and body shop.
looks good to me, love that gold valve cover.
A very nice way to take a 200,000 car and make it worth less than 20...
IF thats the fast and furious 3, what were they thinking using that car with that motor? theres other cars you can use, weird producers, anyways i read in an article i forgot what magazine, but neither is vin or paul gonna be in it, its featuring Bow Wow lol
Boooooo Boooooooooo
1 - 20 of 32 Posts
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