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Picture request.

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Anyone got a nice picture of the bottom of the front of the 96 camry? I need a reference picture because I found an oil leak, but I don't know what the hell was leaking it, it was some rectangular shaped metal container. It wasn't the oil pan, because it was like 3/10 the size of the pan. Any insight is greatly appreciated. :confused:
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i4 or v6? are you sure its oil thats leaking?
I would think so, it's a dark brown color, and my oil level dropped after two nights in the garage after filling it up.

It's an i4.
im doing some work on my car either tonight or tomorrow night, so i can take a photo for you then. its been raining here for the past couple of days so i havent been able to yet. i dont want to have me hair get messed up. :lol: im still trying to figure out from memory what your leak is coming from...
thanks for the help. I'd go outside and take it myself, but I have pneumonia. :disappoin
these arent the greatest, but i hope this helps.

view from front looking back...

front looking back on passenger side (dont mind my oil leak...

view from front towards transmission pan...

view from back to front passenger...

view from back to front drivers side...

so, where is this leak you are talking about? again, i hope you can narrow down the vicinity.
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It's hard to recall from memory, but I believe it was in this vicinity. As soon as I am better, I will go outside an snap a pic of it myself for you guys to see.

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