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Pictures: 2007 Camry SE with Tein Solara springs

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Front before:

Front after:

Rear before:

Rear after:

Front view after:

Overall it was a pain in the ass to do, but overall it was well worth it. Love the ride and handling. Need spacers in the rear to have the wheels more flush.
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yup looks nice, make me miss that comfor on springs
do you really want spacers on stock? :confused::eek:

it's ok if u do, i've never seen that look anyway :thumbsup::naughty:
Looking good! Great comparison pictures. I was thinking about getting a drop soon and just doing rear spacers on stock se's too. You see, I don't have a fortune like some of these guys who's been through 5 sets of rims! They need to spread the love and send me some wheels!

How close is the ride and handling compared to stock on a scale of 1-10?
Looks awesome! :thumbsup:
Is yours a I4 or V6?
It'll settle nicely. Expect to have less than a finger gap. I have thin fingers compared to most guys lol
Looks good but arent any of you guys worried about blowing your struts?

Thats the main thing keeping me from lowering with springs!
Thanks for the comments. It's the 2.4L 5speed manual. I'd say the ride is about 25% stiffer than stock. The main difference is that the suspension feels tighter and not sloppy over bumps. Definately livable. I've had 4 lowered cars, and this is the smoothest of them all.

The stock struts are not an issue in my mind with this spring rate. The piston on the strut is very thick and looks to be very well built.

I think spacers are needed in the rear because the wheels are too far in compared to the front.
looks great, why it was a pain?
I have those springs on a V6 SE and it sits alittle lower :) nice pics
How much did you pay for Springs/install total?

And skip the spacers, just put that money towards some nice wheels with correct offsets.
.....this is the smoothest of them all.......
KYB+Tein= love
cant go wrong with this combo
i miss mine so much and yes it is very smooth on a 2 inch drop.
looks good. prob will want more low in future lol. i agree with skipping the spacers and getting the correct offsets. too much of a paint going through extended studs and stuff.
Looks good but arent any of you guys worried about blowing your struts?

Thats the main thing keeping me from lowering with springs!
Nope. I put them on my car at 5k. Coils come after they blow. Though 10k after I installed them, it finally settled, so it might be a while for me LOL
It has been about 2 weeks since install, and the front still sits a little higher than the rear and it's starting to bug me!

I don't think I will be doing a wheel upgrade. Everytime I do on a car, I spend months looking for the right set, spend a fortune on them, then sell the car :(

I have to sell my wheels from my old car, then maybe.

Anyone want a set of brand new 4-bolt 18" Racing Hart C2's? :D
Forgot to answer a few peoples questions. Springs cost me nothing as they were a gift from some buddies, and install cost me 9 hours of my time, 2 sway bar end links at $100 a pop, and a lot of swearing. Ended up stripping the front endlinks because they were rusty (good old Ontario salt), and had to cut the nuts off with a dremel. Just changing the endlinks took 4-5 hours (tried salvaging them before cutting them off, which cost a lot of time)
awesome pics!!! been waitin for somethin like this. BTW which model year solara tein springs do you have?
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