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2005 Toyota Solara
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Quick way to aim your headlights up and down. I'm no professional just an occasional do-it-yourselfer.

If you're driving and realize your headlights are casting light too far into the distance, too close to you, or they just aren't even with each other, adjust your headlights using the this guide.

**I recommend doing this when it's dark out. I guess the car can be running since you're not working too close to the engine. No need to disconnect the battery since we aren't touching electrical connections and you may do this with the lights on.

Tools: 8mm socket and small driver or what ever can reach behind there (see pictures).

Park about 3 feet away from a wall.

Turn your headlights (low beam) on.

Open the hood and look near the left/right headlight.

Find a hole where you can see this these teeth/gears:

Some people use a flat head screw driver to rotate these gears but I just reached behind the rail with the hole in it.

Reach behind with the 8mm socket & ratchet to find this 8mm nut just above the low beam bulb:

You should be at this step, ready to ratchet up/down:

Look at the light on the wall in front of the car as you ratchet up/down to adjust the aim and ensure the "hot spots" are aligned with each other.

At this point I would pull on to level ground on the street to see if you like the new aim. Don't drive on a busy street until you're sure your aim is right (not blinding oncoming traffic, and not too close to you). Certain states may have rules to how your headlights should be aimed - look them up if you need to.

That should do the trick! Have fun being able to see the road better at night. :thumbsup:
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