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I checked out the tC yesterday and I like it a lot. I went back there today to take pictures, but I went at like 9:30 and they were closed, so I wasn't able to take pictures of the interior. My plan was to take detailed pictures of the interior and exterior, pictures that aren't available on the internet, like what the gauge cluster looks like when its lit up, what the outside lights look like when the hazards are on, how the sunshades work, the compartments, how much head room I have (5'10") in the car, things that people wanted to know... but yea, since it was locked and the dealer was closed I couldnt, but here are plenty of shots of the outside and what-not.

This is with my new Kodak CX7430... I didn't set the settings right, but enjoy anyway.

I'm going back tomorrow while its open to take interior shots.
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