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Here is some shots of my Mom's 2003 Matrix.

My parents bought this car brand new. It is only an XR and an auto tranny. So it isn't the best Matrix you can get but for my mom all she needed was a car to get her from point A to point B and since she can't drive a stick and she never drives on the highway the 1zzfe engine and an auto was perfect for her. Now since my dad is the parts manager at a Toyota dealership he can get TRD parts pretty easily and cheap. So as soon as they got the car he started putting TRD parts on it plus just a couple of other aftermarkets parts. The mods include:

TRD air filter
TRD front and rear sway bar
TRD Carbon Fiber engine cover
TRD Oil Cap
TRD strut tower brace
TRD Grill
Accented headlight covers
a little aftermarket wing
Carbon Fiber dash inserts

Everything else on the car is stock right now but that will change soon. Once the tires need replacement some 17" rims will go on it(my dad is looking to see if the Scion TC wheels will work). After the rims we will be putting the TRD lowering springs and struts on there and then the TRD supercharger. Of course my Mom doesn't need any of these things on the car but my Dad and I need those things on the car just because it is a Matrix and it was intended for younger people not people in there 40's so we are making it to be a younger persons car.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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