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Pimping a Tercel; The Project!

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I have a question for all TN users.

Slowly but steadily, i'm pimping out my 99 Tercel. Now, i have one question and only one for now. My freind's mother owns the Toyota Delaership in my area and i have cheap prices on TRD stickers, and any other stickers that i want.

My question is, where would you place TRD stickers on a 99 TERCEL CE so it would look good?

Thanks you to all TN users and fellow Tercel Fans. If you feel as if you want to follow me in this little project, you can always give suggestions in the thread!

EDIT: I'm also looking for some nice looking CLEAR LIGHTS or EURO LIGHTS to put on the car, any suggestions as to what would fit on a 99 Toyota Tercel, (OEM Forest Green), would be execellent! Thanks again!
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The lights are easy enough to find. Try ebay first. As for TRD stickers, I would only put one in the rear on the trunk lid and maybe one inside. They do make some small, understated TRD stickers meant for the fenders, but in any case, I wouldn't add them at all unless I had TRD parts on the car...which I do.
Thanks, you seem to be the only one that like to answer me.. lol:p Anyways, im looking for TRD parts to put in my car, but i find nothing about TRD parts for a Tercel... any help on that?
Starlet parts. EP82 and EP91 are what you look for. Also check the TRD Japan site. The TRD USA site only offers parts for the newer cars and any Toyota fan knows that most post-99 Toyotas suck, lol.
lol Thanks man your a great save to my little project
I've been home from work for a few days, you probably won't get much more help from me until next week as I go back to work Thursday.
alright that's good. But still.. thanks man!
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