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What's the easiest way to remove pinstriping???
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Take a hair dryer and heat it up and start pealin it off and gettin it off with a credit card or sumthing of the sort that wont scratch unless u rub the card to hard. Then take goo gone or something of the sort after words to get all the stickyness off.

But be warned sometimes ppl have taken them off and there is a faded mark underneith

good luck and cheers

I did mine when it was 100 degrees on a July day. I let my car bake in the sun for several hours then started peeling. Came off pretty easy.

I recommend washing the car thoroughly before you start. That way you're not rubbing any grit into the finish if you do any scraping or when trying to wipe the adhesive off.

Some folks use goo gone. for the adhesive. I used Goof Off. It worked very fast. The trick with that is just don't let it dwell on the paint too long. If you leave it on too long it may take some paint off.

Once you've got all the adhesive off, go over the entire stripe area with a polish. You can use something like Meguiars ScratchX (available at Wal Mart). Then wax.

I do have a "ghost" stripe on my car, but you have to be looking for it to see it. A good polish and wax makes your finish more reflective which helps to camoflouge it. I have a worse ghost image on my trunk lid where I removed a tape dealership emblem. Still with a good wax, you have to be looking for it to see it.

Good luck!
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Thanks I'll try that
auto body supply stores sell a pinstripe tape and vinyl eraser wheel for about $10. It goes on an electric drill. Ive used them many times to remove tape and vinyl lettering. It works really fast and will not damage the paint
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