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2008 Tacoma base Access Cab 2.7L 4x2 AT
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Installing the DMH-W4660NX requires the VSS wire to be connected to the Vehicle Speed Sensor output.

I had to get the wiring diagram for the 2006 Corolla

Pouring over it the signal is on the White-Green wire. With little to no easy access to the signal on the dashboard, I looked for the sensor.

It is located on the drivers side (left) between the engine and the firewall. I had no luck getting the connector to release to solder the wire so I used a T-Tap Wire Connector on the white / green wire.

I then fed a wire through the wiring harness boot on the firewall with a stiff wire (coat hanger) and routed it along the brake lines to the VSS. Made the connection on the radio and VIOLA!

Hope this helps somebody. I make no claim this will work for your vehicle if you don't see the color coding I mention I would not do this

Be careful you could cause severe damage to your ECU , speedometer etc.

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