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Planning on buying a used Corolla off Craigslist. What should I look for?

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What kinda damages and such should I look for?
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1) Leaking water pump (pink crust underneath pulley and everywhere else)

2) ECU (Recalled for free)

3) Good visual inspection of the car. Take to a Dealer or independant mechanic for a Compenent inspection (Brake pad thickness, Tire treaddepths). If taken to dealer, take it after a long test drive. Request a Health check print out. This will reveal any pending dtc's which would show a MIL coming.

4) Make sure owners manual, Wheel lock key, Jack, and other emergency tools are present and accounted for

5) Ask dealer for service history, they can run VIN and print out all dealer related RO's/Jobs performed to the car

6) Car Fax?

7) Pray you dont make a bad purchase.

8) Lengthly test drive, under all conditions. Should set codes for any shop to pull if they are there
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if you able to get a OBDII reader with you, see any code on the car.
Look for uneven tire wear, paint overspray - to indicate a repais. Does it pull to one side, or the other? How's the interior? If it's trashed, odds are the rest of the car wasn't well kept.

Car fax is only as good as the information that gets reported to it... Good tool, but not perfect. It's not all the commercials build it up to be.

Always check the trunk for dead hookers... you'll never see that in a car fax report! Good hunting
bring a flashlight to check under the hood + under the car
be careful of any rust
bring a friend..better safe than sorry

and watch this video from david's farm on youtube -

annnnnndddd good luck :)
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