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Ok the idea of this thread is for me to plan out my truck and get your guys
my truck

billett grill? $100 sumthin

fender flares & bumper $? some

33' M/T's $1000

lift kit 3-4in? $1200ish

just a pic i found $20ish

cf dash? $?

i got a bunch other stuff but i cant remember right now pretty tired i will add things l8ter

o wheels too but havent looked into these things all of the way yet so things may change, m/t's, lift, dash r for sure soon well 6 mo. to a yr. soon im kinda slow at gettin things done on my budget.
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bumpers are about 175-300 depending on what you get, flares can be upwards of 400 amazingly and the grill is going to be more than 100.
dont get that grille ewwwwwww
shoes1382006 said:
dont get that grille ewwwwwww

That grill is hella ugly. I would look for like a brush gaurd or somthing instead.
I don't mind that grill.
I mean it is ok but I like the stock one with a brush gaurd better.... Naw mean?
i actually dont like the one in that pic either but i just grabed the first pick of a billet grill i could find, there is one type that i have seen that dont look bad at all and they will actually put the toyota emblem in the middle theyre pretty sweet.

found a color id really want on my truck but i dont no what its called i might find out tomorrow its kind of a blueis green issh dark color it would look real nice.
Fake carbon fiber is very tacky,

Please don't do that to your truck.

I saw a brand new set of those M/Ts on a jeep today. They certainly look like they have a lot of bite.
my friend has 32 M/T's on his chevy an i luv to drive them in the mudd its a gread offroad tire
The only real things that r happening for sure r

The only real things that r happening for sure r


everything else is just ideas i throw around ocasionally kinda like eh maybe or things that somebody put in my head that i dont really want but get talked into then come to my senses last minute lol:dunno::bash:
I like the fake cf overlay personally, its nice to cover up your factory plastic if its not looking so fresh anymore.
▲Naw, that's what shag carpet is for.
that brings up another thing ive been thinkin of, has anyone replaced their carpet? mine has some wicked spots that are covered by the mats but theyre invincible against cleaners.
Im currently doing it, the cheapo route with lowes boating carpet which is really nice and high quality padding. Its really the only reason my interior isnt back in because I cant bring myself to go mess with cutting and fitting right now.
keep me updated on any difficulties you have
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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