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please heeeeeeeeeelp

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hi all,
I have just bought a corolla 1997 with 2e engine model and 25000 km,it was not driven for 10 years. I am very worried about the maintenance such as changing timing belt or another belts also spark plugs, cooling fluid and brake fluid.
I didn't want to change all of them now because the spare parts i will buy is not as good as the original one .

hope any one having an experiment like that could help me.

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Hi: Since the car has sat for so long, all the rubber is probably bad. Why did you purchase this car since it has sat for so long?
We cant help you. YOU ALONE have to figure out what needs maintenance, and where to get parts. We also dont know what extra work needs to be done in the Egyptian environment.

the 2e is the diesel engine, right?I think they have a timing chain, no?
it would be sensible to change it if it has a timing belt, timing chains generally need to ba checked but never really replaced...
the air filter should be definately changed with the sand and dust over there, and an oil change along with diesel filter after lying up so long.anything else you will have to figure our for yourself i'm afraid
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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