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please help- a/f sensor??

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hey y'all, i am new in this whole solara thing but owning one is def the bomb. ok, i need help regarding the airflow ( a/f ) sensor in my 99 v6 sle. engine kept dying at the stop lights , figured i'd take it for diagnostics, and well, as the cost, as figured was well above sanity.
anyway my question is whether $600 in parts and labor is worth it.(the repair guy told me both had to be replaced) , or is there a way to obtain them cheaply. alternatively, is it possible to bypass the system, since i am not in california anymore.. please chip in guys.
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yea you can find it cheaper. Ebay or online stores. i changed all my sensors from MAF to bank1 and bank2 for under 500. also can be changed out by yourself, if you know what your doing

thanks, does that mean that all four (it states that there are four, two in the front and two in the back) need to be changed at the same time? and is there a difference in brand names , (note , not product numbers) since my research has yielded lotsa variations in price , with even more confusing mods and specifications
if it helps, i was told my solara is california registered which means its specifications on emissions are suited for that state.
the only on i didnt change is the far one on the exhuast all my sensor are oem or denso replacement. but denso makes our oem sensors. do some only research. Look up this topic on
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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