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My truck is an 1989 4x4 22re. Im running out of ideas on what could be causing this problem. Okay, here is my problem. When the truck has been sitting for a while after having been driven a good distance, long enough to heat things up. When you start it back up it runs and idles realy rough, but it starts up just fine. Then when you push on the gas it just hesitates and bogs down unless you push it to the floor then it takes off like it should. But, when you back off the pedal from the full down position it starts bogging again. It will do this for maybe a 1/10 of a mile then it runs like normal. Or you can just let it sit and rev it a bit for about a minute and then it runs fine. It never does this when the car has been sitting long enough for every thing to cool down, like a couple hrs. Or in the morning when the truck has set all night. And it always starts right up initialy no matter if its hot or cold. Some things I have checked already. Coolant temp sensor: in range, TPS in range Mass air sensor is suspect though Its a couple hundred ohms out on e2-Vs pins and Im getting no continuity at all on the E2-THA pins, they are the air temp sensor portion of the mass air unit. The question is if this part is bad wouldnt the problem be there all the time and not go away after a minute? I checked the parts hot and cold not much variation. Another part of interest is the signal generator pickup, in the coil its a little bit out of range on the ohms when hot, but not when cold. But also, if it goes bad hot why not when driving down the road hot? Whatever the problem is, it is related to heat while sitting not running. Because the heat of stop and go driving does not cause problem untill turned off and left to sit. This problem started last summer, but went away in the fall and is now back. Any ideas suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks. jon
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