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My SRS light turned on a couple of days ago for no reason.. I've been researching online and it seems like a lot of people are having the same issues with it. I want to try and make it into a recall. but I don't think it will work on my own. Before I take it to the dealer I had it scanned in a couple of places and returns the what seems the most usual error
"Total codes 001
B1801 Open in D History

Squib Circuit"

This is where I filed online
And this is what I wrote,
"2006 Toyota Tacoma SR5 DBL Cab, 6 cyl, 4.0 eng. 65k miles, 2 wheel drive, automatic transmission: Driver side airbag light turned on and stays on. I have searched the internet for info. on it and have found a lot of people have been having this problem. I had it reset by a couple of different shops and the light comes back on. going by the info. found on line, from google to newsgroups. the Toyota dealers are just charging for the same work done and not admitting a product defect. I am taking mine to the dealer and is $117.00 just to diagnose it.. and I know this takes them 10 min or less to hook it up to the computer and get the error codes printed. We the consumers need some help. and I and I'm sure everyone else that has been having this problem would greatly appreciate if someone can look into it. I know there is a recall for the side curtain airbags.. but I don't think mine is equipped with those. I have even read that there have been instances where the bag deploys for no reason, while the truck is been driven with that light on.. I'm guessing not all of us can afford having this corrected as soon as the light turns on. Thank you"

This dealers are charging $90 to $120 just for the diagnostic.. and it seems the repairs can go from $300 up to $800.00 . this things should not go bad just because... this has to be a quality/maker issue.. why should we have to pay for it...when we could spend the money on improvements instead of makers irresponsibility?

Thank you
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