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please help me

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ok i have a 2000 mr2 spyder and i spun a rod bearing in it so we got a motor out of a 2001 GT celica (which they told us every thing is the same except the intake and exhaust manifold ) my mom got fed up with me trying to do it all my self so she paied some one to put the motor in the car and they are haveing all kinda of hell with the hoses and getting them in the right spots and working right
because every thing is hooked up and they have extra hoses

when the car is at a idle it runs real ruff, then when you give it more that a bit of gas it wants to stall out i mean i think its just going to be the hoses a vacum hose at that so any ones help would be great
thanks chris
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Did you swap out the intake (and throttle setup) plus exhaust manifold?

Your best bet is to get a Haynes MR2 manual allowing you to determine where all the hoses should go, cost should be under $20. Your library may also have shop manuals.

One way to find leaks is to use an un-light small propane torch. Run the torch over any area you think may have a leak, the propane gas will be sucked into the engine and the result will be an increase in RPM.

If extra hoses, try plugging them plus any engine ports to prevent vacuum leaks. Make sure the MAP or MAF sensor is hooked up properly.
ya its the throtle body off the mr2 should it be changed ?
Have you tried asking the guys over at spyderchat? They would probably have more experience with this sort of thing. Not a whole lot of spyder owners over here.
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