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Please Help!

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Got a 1986 Pickup 22R Carb 4x2.
-Engine wont turn over (Sometimes)
-Headlights wont turn on when it's not starting.
-When it eventually starts and drives all electricals shuts off, stereo,headlights etc. but only for a second then everything is fine.
Is a fuse or relay going bad? Which one?
Please help!
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sounds like your Alternater, starter or battery is going bad. check all your electrical connections very carefully and if it's possible try to find any shorts in any wires anywhere.
Clean the battery terminals and cable ends...check your grounds. Start it and pull the neg cable off with lights on...if it dies its the alternator.
If everything is "fine" after the initial problems, it's probably not the alt or batt.
Does sound maybe like an intermittent connection, fuse/fuseable link, or relay.

Start with shaderunner's sugestions.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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