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pls help mr2 turbo clutch probs

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there s no clutch pedal atall, if push pedal down it springs down and stays down to the floor, if lift pedal with foot it springs back up again, checked fluid was a little low but cant get a pedal to pump or anything?
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just to add the clutch itself is brand new and when i was topping up the fluid the cylinder were the resivoir is atatched too looked brand new

i had that same problem.. change your clutch master cylinder.. if you have already changed that you need to get the air out of the lines going to the clutch and the problem will be solved..
well like i said the master cylinder under the front hood looks spanking new so i ordered a slave cylinder instead and hope that sorts it
so theres no possibility its the slave cylinder?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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