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My daughter drives our 1998 VE with 160k miles on it. Recently she has had a problem when accelerating. The check engine light flashes while the motor misfires and the car really struggles to pick up speed - like a bad misfire - but once she gets up to about 50mph it runs fine, even when accelerating, and the check engine light stays on. I can sometimes stop the misfire by backing off slightly on the throttle for a second. This only seems to be an issue once the engine is at normal operating temperature.

I know the code points to an EVAP fault but was hoping the other symptom might help someone to help me find the exact fault quickly.

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on another corolla forum he posed the same question, his code is for the evap system and his daughter admitted topping off the fuel tank which led me to believe a fuel logged charcoal canister, however he probed his purge valve solenoid and got zero ohms resistance.

i dont know alot about the 8th gen evap systems other they they were notoriously fickle.

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P0441 Evaporative Emission Control System Incorrect Purge Flow

First check spark plugs and spark plug wires. If found O, then check EVAP System Components.

EVAP System
DTC Codes : P0440 THRU’ P0455

EVAP (Evaporative Emission Control System) is fully closed system which maintains stable fuel pressure in the system for proper functioning of fuel injectors and engine. properly. It prevents fuel vapors created in gas tank to escape to the atmosphere.

Cars manufactured after 1995, normally uses ECM controlled EVAP System. The major components of this system are:

1) Gas Cap with Vacuum Check Valve
2) Fuel Inlet Filler Pipe
3) Gas Tank
4) Fuel Lines
5) Charcoal Canister with vacuum & pressure check valve
6) VSV : Vacuum Switching Valve
7) P-Port : Ported VacuumPurgePort on throttle body.

Leak or clogging in EVAP system can trigger “Check Engine” Light on. ECU can generate specific code(s) depend upon nature of fault.


You have to check particularly followings:

1) Thermo Vacuum Valve (TVV) or Vacuum Switching Valve (VSV) Solenoid
2) Charcoal Canister
3) Throttle Valve and throttle Position Sensor
4) Purge and Fuel lines.

For more information read thread:

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Replying to an old recurring post. I had the PO 441, 455, 456 on my '06 Highlander 4-cyl. Deerfield Toyota quoted three guesses -- $45 gas cap, $450 brake switch, $2,500+ ECU to fix it. REALITY -- Check the vacuum hose on the air filter at the green plastic valve. Dont just look, touch it and feel the back side of the hose. About 4-inch long. It cracks on the back side. Use a flashlight and mirror. Try to flex it. A crack in that hose will cause all three codes and hit your gas milage big time. I used about a foot of vacuum hose to test. Three months and no lights. Reset codes by disconnecting NEGATIVE battery for half hour.
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