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Is there a way to wire around the igniter assembly on a 2tc engine and just run a coil?
Anything is possible if you try hard enough - but it's not necessarily a good idea. The 'igniter' is really what provides signal amplification from the distributor-mounted sensor - it's the part that actually 'fires' the coil. The sensor gives a 1/2 crank-speed-signal, the igniter switches the coil circuit to generate the spark.

So, if you're running electronic ignition with a sensor, the 'igniter' is a critical part. Unless you want to McGyver something like old-school points, or go aftermarket for the distributor/ignition, you're pretty much stuck. :headbang:

BTW, the Link has a good summary for the Toyota ignition system principles of operation.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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