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Polished 4AF rocker cover

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About 4-6 hours of sanding and polishing by hand - could have ended up with a mirror finish but lost interest, plus I ended up with clear coat over the top so I would have lost the mirror finish anyway.


600, 800 and 1200 grit wet and dry sandpaper

Autosol Metal Polish. (tried Brasso and Silvo as well but they were hopeless)

VHT Clear Engine Enamel (took some of the shine off....)

Notes for next time:

Start with a coarser sand paper (maybe 400) and use a sanding block to make sure it's flat. Not the easiest shape to sand though...
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problem is if most of us do that the rest of the engine bay will look like complete crap lol
Nice. I'm going that to my sw20 parts but I'm going to 2000grit and using Mother's polish with no clearcoat. Yours looks good!

Side note: if anyone's valve cover is looking yellowish over the letters, see if there is a adhesive film over it. They come that way from the factory and it should have been peeled off by the dealer but it often isn't. I removed it from my ae92 valve cover and it looks much cleaner now.
how about i just buy yours? lol that looks sexy..
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