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Polk db vs. Infinity Reference

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For comp fronts and 6x9 rears, which would you rather buy?
Polk db series or Infinity reference series. Both front 5.25 comps and 6x9 sets are within $1.00 of each other for the front/rear completes, at Crutchfield (sale).

Will add a 60x4 amp on them, and likely have a sub a little while after that. Not sure about the sub if these do well enough under power.
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neither... I'd save up money for a nice pair of front components and power them only and just cut the wires to the rears.
i'd get the polks, unless you like the high pitch trebble of the infinitys. both are good though....

just go down to circuit city or someplace and compare it for yourself
go for the infinity's they are great speakers, they put out great bass.
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