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Rims? Decision by Mon, June 7th!

  • Helo - Slick

    Votes: 19 61.3%
  • Kaotik - Z5

    Votes: 5 16.1%
  • Katana Racing - Destiny

    Votes: 2 6.5%
  • Veloche - Verzio

    Votes: 5 16.1%

Poll for my rims... final decision by Monday!

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Poll for my rims... final decision by MON, JUNE 7TH!

Ok guys. I've settled down with these four rims to choose from. Getting 17's 225/45/17 wrapped with Toyo Proxes. Big decision, actually about $1200.00 USD decision. LoL! So pick precisely. Thanks!




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i think the last ones look the best, if not the katana's.
I agree with UfoZ

Too much going on. Then your rims stick out too much. I hope you have a drak colored car. Otherwise that could get scary.:eek:
I like the slicks the most out of those
God... those are ugly. I dunno man... I don't like any of them but if I were have to chose.... the kaotic wheels.

man, they're ugly.
Well i already told u which i like the destiny and the z5, i dont like the slick ones:thumbdown
Re: Poll for my rims... final decision by MON, JUNE 7TH!

Eniffey said:
So pick precisely. Thanks!

No, YOU pick precisely, what's the point of driving with rims some people here like but you hate ? ;)

anyways, the KAOTIK Z5 work for me ;)

I shoulda gone for these , but if money no object, these

Sorry to be stirring the pot, but sometimes I just gotta do it..


EDIT: Forgot to mention the second rims are TRD
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hmmm... do you think there is a correlation with the most voted for rim and the size of the picture?


anyways i like the last one or the first one.

chrome looks very tasteful on cams.
Those TOMS wheels are sweet too bad they wont fit the tC.
Damn forget those wheels get those Tom's, I'd be all over those if they were forged...
personally i'd use the 1200 for 5zigen's or something light. that bling stuff is too much for me. but ya...

go with the verzio's. nice deep wells. mm...
i vote for slicks..
UfoZ8myCow said:
eek. too much bling for me in all of those, but the best one is the slick. the rest have too much shit going on and dont look as clean...

that 4th one looks like it should be on a soccer mom's suburban..
yo jay what did u pick let me know send me a pm
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