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Polyurethane Mounts?

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I have been through dozens of manufacturers, but 5th Gen mount inserts seem to be impossible to find! I don't want OEM rubber and the dealership wants me to buy the entire mount. What is the secret?
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) clean the rubber part of the mount with aceatone on a rag
)tape off the steel part
)get a 3M product called 5200 it comes in black white and clear get black it is the best for the application it is simalar to rtv silicone only it is way stiffer
)fill in ONE side with the sealant (it takes 48+ hours to cure) so it dosent run every where
)apply wax paper over the sealent
)apply a flat surface (small board scrap steel) over the wax paper and the mount
)take a C clamp and apply firm pressure onto the mount and your pice of scrap squeeseing out all exess air and creating better adhesion to the rubber

)WAIT!!! dont get ansy and pry it apart this stuff takes about 24 hours to get tacky!!! heat wont help it actualy cures better with water
i use this stuff all the time the only complaint people have is that it (when hard) WONT COME OFF!! you might need 2 tubes costing about 10 bucks each
then do the other side (again it takes its sweet time)
Thanks! I'll let you know how that pair of lower mount inserts works out. I know the OEM rubber guys are well past worn, the engine play gives me an angina attack. It's like watching the alien trying to come out of Kane's chest.

I might try the 3M 5200 marine caulking to shore up the upper mounts. I don't know how much effect that will have on the system, besides transferring strong vibrations to the frame. I might want to just leave those alone before my car rattles apart.
I suggest Kirk's mount inserts.... it's what i have. $50 shipped and you don't have to get messy.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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