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Pop in front suspension

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First post here.
I have a '03 4WD that about 80% of the time I get a pop or clunk from the drivers front taking off from a stop. Slow, fast take-off doesn't matter. I feel it with under my left foot. Also, driving down gravel, unimproved roads it feels like something is flopping around (through the steering wheel). The lower ball joints were replaced in Aug of '05. Any ideas of where I shoud start looking?

H. Howard
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If the ball joints are in good shape then take a look at the CVs.
I do not know for sure if the ball joints are ok. If it is the CV, wouldn't I hear somthing when I turn around a corner? I do not hear of feel anything making turns. Really feels like someone it smacking it with a dead-blow hammer.
Jack up the tire soit is about a inch off the ground get a strong long bar and place under the tire lift up the whole vehicle should move as a unit if just the tire and rim moves then the truck then a lower ball joint is out or going out. now grab the front and rear of the tire and try turning the wheel from left to right if there is any play thenyour tie rod ends are going bad. also look at your bushings under there see if they are warn if they are they could cause movement.

Thanks Lance, I'll give that a shot. TcmaBoy, I don't want it to be the CV's :sosad: .

Found it!!

Well I finally decided to look into it. It ended up being the pass side inner tie rod end. Boot hat a small hole in it and well, you know what can happen.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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