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Ok this really conserns me but I have no clue what this is...Every time I hit the gas I hear a poping sound comming from my car...When I mean hit the gas I mean like full throttle...Now if I just drive normally it does not do it and the shifting in the car is normal....Another thing When I do hit the gas it seems like it wants to get up and go but then what happens is that it sorta stalls(hesitates) and then when it reaches at a certain rpm then it goes...I looked underneath my car and took a look at my exauhst and I saw that on my cat it is a little black on one side...but the other side of the cat it's still the normal color...

Some ppl tell me it's my TPS senor that might be going bad and thats casueing my hesitation when ever I hit the gas, some tell me to replace the MAS also with the TPS....Other than that I though it was my transmission going out but in reality it's not the tranny is shifting normally and it's not staying in a certain gear....

Could it be the cat that's goin bad on my car thats casusing the hesitation and poping noise...What happens when a cat goes bad...?

Sorry guys i'm a newbiew and I dun all the searching thingy at the top but I could find no answer....Any help would be greatly appreciated....

BTW i drive a 1997 V6 Camry
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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