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Popping noise when upshifting

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When I upshift in my car, it makes a strange popping type noise, sorry, no better way to describe it. I think it might a leak in the exhaust manifold, the higher I let the engine rev, the louder the noise when I shift. Anyone care to guess?
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is this the sr5 3tc? if so do a compression check cause you might need a rebuild cause mine was doing it also.
yea, its my sr5. Probably going to end up rebuilting it eventually, it's at 160,000, used and abused.
do a compression test and if you need piston ring and bearings i got you covered and i still got the head gasket just let me know;)
hey 2wicked, it makes another noise too, it sounds like it was draggin something. Constant, most noticable when first taking off
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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