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posi-lock rear end?

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i dont know if that was it, i bought my 83 4x4 from a guy who mentioned something about both rear wheels turning together, at the same speed, and so one or the other is always grinding on a turn. Is this supposed to be, or is the rear end damaged, or what gives?
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well they should both spin at the same speed no matter what, as far as grinding goes, no that is definitely not normal.
oh, what i meant was the tire was grinding away, it skids around corners even going slow, because they are spinning together. But it sounds like thats the design, thanks for the reply!
posi-lock ?????
if there is a 'locker' or welded rear, both rears will turn at the SAME speed at all times.
It in effect, did away with the diferential and the ability to change tire speeds on corners.
there was no such available on '83-- and no "posi-lock' by name !!
it is obviously an aftermarket 'locker' , probably a Loc-rite brand- NEEDED for serious wheelin !!! (the rear tires will 'chirp' on corners and especally in parking lots and REALLY on concrete at full turn !! )
could be a Detroit or Easy-locker, but i doubt it, and certainly NOT an ARB !

Swansen--in a vehicle without a 'locker' of some type -- both rear tires DO NOT trun at the same speed in turns.
if you drive it more ON road than you do OFF, get rid of it.

you'll be replacing u-joints all the f'n time.
you need one that slips when you turn, but locks when a certain amount of torque is applied..
might be called a posi-trac, but im not sure...maybe just "limited" slip..
okay, i think it was posi-trac. EIther way, I think im going to be replacing the rear tires much sooner than the front. It is kinda cool to chirp in the gas station parking lot though. SO if i wanted a more street friendly rear end, would I have to replace the pumpkin with a limited slip, is that what the differential is? By doing that, would I be able to keep the axle, and everything before or behind the pumpkin the same? Essentially, i would like to know what I would have to do to put in the limited slip. Unless it isnt that big of a deal, but it adds quite a bit of resistance in the city driving theater... thank you.
i know that, i was refering to his situation. He said he had a locker, so both tires will spin at the exact same speed always.
If you do ANY off-roading, leave the locker in !--
I've been running WELDED front and rear diffs for over 10 years and sure there will be some extra rear tire wear-- lets say you get 20k miles on a set of tires, you would see @18k on the rears without rotateing tires. YES it chirps-- one rear tire is slipping-- but with the weight of a pick up rear end--- wear is ALMOST a '0' factor.
I share the 'daily driver' duties between my '92 stock toy, and my '85 rock- crawlin toy--
local 4X runs i drive to in the modified '85, (even the 7 hour drive to the Rubicon, the 5 hour drive to Beatty , Nevada== to act as vehicle rescue at Cal-Roc event,) On LONG trips or for week end trips, the '85- welded diffs, and all-- is flat towed.
you will not loose 'u' joints or other things due to a locker run on the street.
it is no big thing to change out a third member--- as long as you use the same gear ratio as you have in the front ! To change out a rear diff will take about 30-40 min.
Hey you sound very knowledgable, and i trust your advice. Thank you for the info, locked it stays.
wellllll, have been working for toyota as a dealership machanic for 17+ years--
been off-roading almost daily since 1962--- serious wheelin for -20+ years and rock crawlin wheelin for about the last 15--------

competion rock crawling--- thats another story for another time-----but have you seen the Red Bull comp rigs ????-
front or rear

Hi Krusty..

here for my daily dose of advice..

I'm new to the concept of lockers, and was wondering..If a decision had to be made between installing a front locker or a rear locker...what are the pros and cons to each?

Things to keep in mind: I use my truck as a daily driver... and try to get in the occasional wheeling day... but 95% of my miles are done on road. I'm also trying to boost the turbo up a bit for some more power on the street. During winter commutes, i want good traction in the snow.

I didn't find much on the net about i figured i'd ask: If i were to lock up the front diff, I assume that the wheels would only spin when it's in 4wd, and locked hubs... and if that's true, then that sounds like the best of both worlds (locked when i'm on the trail...not locked when i'm on the street. ??). But then again, i don't know shit about this please advise :)

Thanks man!
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put a 'locker' in the REAR.

front, only if you are also locked in the rear---

FIRST comes the rear- and then for even 'harder core', the front----

if you have the $$$$$ - an ARB would be the best---
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