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Possessed Avalon

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OK i think my car is possessed. the brake caliper did re hang so ill be replaceing it tonight. my A/C issues jsut got worse

The compressor comes on but hardly any cool air out the vent you can *hear* the freon starting to cirulate in the cabin. but barely cool.

SO i think ok its low on freon. so i come home (from takeing wife to work) and get my freon guage and come back out and start the car again, the [email protected]#king a/c comp wont come on now. so i raise the hood and hook guage to the line on the low side and its reading 108-120 psi so there IS freon in the system........

Other new thing. theres a Green liquid under the a/c comp on the undercarrage cover. NOW i know my car does not have freen anifreeze and i can see where its coming from ( nothing ELSE is wet at all) LOL

Going to let the car cool down and got to meet wife for lunch so we will see if i can get the a/c comp to kick on and get the readings. my guage says for 85+ degrees it should be right at 45psi ( i know the low side pressure is not a good read but i dont have the $$ for a set of hi and low guage)
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From the noise and A/C output, it does sound low.

The green liquid coming from the evap sounds like condensate with refrigerant dye mixed in, indicating a leaking evap. Has anyone added dye?

Static pressure will be as per the refrigerant's temp/pressure curve until they system is virtually empty (i.e., as long as there is any refrigerant in a liquid state.) I'm oversimplifying, but in ambient temp between 80 and 100F, the static pressure of R-134awill be close (numerically) in psi to the temp in degrees F. Pure coincidence. (Don't forget, with engine running or run recently "ambient" is well above the air temp 10 ft from the car.)

The death kit gauge is useless. And the info they're giving you is with the comp running. But it seems your refrig. is so low it won't turn on, or may actually turn on for a split second until the LPCO, on the suction side, shuts it down.
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yea i think i found it its the condensor in from the of the radiatior leaking thats where it seems to be coming from. junk yard says i can pull one for $20 or a new one is $136 i have tools (in another state atm) to pull the system down and add new r-134a.

i was pretty sure it was uv dye that was leaking, the system had a new expansion valve installed in 2005 so they may of added dye then. im going to get a uv pen to see if thats the source of it.
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