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possible body kit???

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I just found this body kit online for an AE92, and i was wondering if this would fit a SEDAN?
It asks what the trim is and u can select 2dr or 4dr, can i order it for my sedan?
thanx in advance
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No, coupes only.

There are really not many kits out there for the sedans, the one or two I've seen were ugly... I think there's one somewhere in Australia or New Zealand that wasn't too bad.

Probably easier to just find one of the JDM front bumpers and swap that out.
Oh... i see, well ive seen a cool levin bumper but where would i acquire one?? Any legit websites?
the coupe bumper (from the levins) will not fit
gotcha, but isnt there a levin sedan (use that bumper)
no, since the Corolla Levin was the Sport version of the Corolla
oh, i might be mistaken but i have seen sedans on here with an alternate bumper, i guess i had read the wrong name, these bumpers are not typically found in the U.S. (europe, Philippines, japan)
I think there's three pairs of bumpers the AE92 ever had factory. The USDM park benches, Sprinter/LE bumpers, and forgot where the other came from.... The japanese AE92 wagons? I'm not to sure. I want those bumps myself :D
the bumper depends where you live

different regulation, different bumpers
oh yeah, i believe it was the sprinter bumper i was looking at, i guess i picked up levin from somewhere else
also i heard that they make a side skirt for the ae92, its rubber- kinda like what the old BMW side's had???
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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