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Possible Mods?!

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hi, im a new member to this forum as well as the toyota community. My has owned a 2005 Tundra for 4 years and it has been a good truck for him. when i started to look for a truck i immediately went to toyota. i wanted something smaller and more fuel efficient so i went to a 1999 Tacoma. It has a 2.7L 4 cylinder and is four wheel drive and a five speed. Im used to driving V8 cars so a 4 cylinder was not quite performance ready for me. is there any simple bolt ons that anybody knows that would gain a reasonable amount of power without making my wallet cry? i have ordered a K&N cold air kit and am putting a header on it to get it breathing correctly. anything else you guys know about would be greatly appreciated!
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Welcome to the Nation. For what you've don, I'd say that's about it apart from getting a more free flowing exhaust. But if you have the $$$ the only proven ways to gain more HP would be to slap a turbo or supercharger on it.
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