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Possible reason for BRAKE indicator light to be on?

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The BRAKE light on my dashboard recently came on. The brake fluid level was checked and fine, and the front brake pads were ready to be changed so those pads and rotors were changed. The rear brakes look fine. The parking/hand brake is down. I've been driving with it on for ~3 weeks and haven't noticed anything unusual with the car.

However, the light is still on! This is aggravating, because the car just failed the (very overdue already) inspection because the light is on, and I only have 15 days to take care of this.

My question is, what else could cause the light to stay on other than the brake fluid level, the parking brake being on, and the brake pads/rotors? If anyone has any insight, it would be MUCH appreciated.
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an electical malfuntion that caused the sensor to just turn on and stay on i have this problem myself and im still trying to figure it out so i might just cut the wire to my parking brake, and or just replace it to see if this helps
Had this same problem...the Level Switch in the Brake Fluid Reservoir was stuck closed. I tapped on the Reservoir gently and it loosened up the level switch and the brake warning light went off.
Try filling fluid to max level on our 98 low level switch will activate even though lines on reservoir indicate it is o.k.
Might take a look at the 3rd brake light. Even if it appears to be working sometimes I've seen the base and bulb making a bad connection (blackened or corroded) and causing the indicator to stay on.
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