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possible tires for XRS

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I have an '05 XRS, which I love to drive. I sell tires for a living, and am wondering if anyone's tried a differnet size on the stock rims, like a 225/50R16 or even 205/55R16?? The stock P195/55R16 os a comparatively sad availablility nightmare!!
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I've read that people are using up to a width of 215, they didn't seem to have problems

Try ************* for more info they have a devoted section for all wheel and tire questions.

It's a very useful site for all 9thgen corolla's and has a specific area for the XRS.

Hope this info helps

Crap the links were blocked, just type without spaces, 9 th gen corolla . com you'll get there
haha.. you gotta separate that name my friend.. it doesn't show up for some reason.

9th gen :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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