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8th generation slowness
1999 Toyota Corolla
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my plans for next summer are cf hood, coilover sleeves, full exhaust, re do tint, possibly turbo, get it tuned. possibly a short shifter.

man all these gen 8's so far are looking so good

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right now I've only got a custom sri w/ an injen filter but a custom exhaust with a mimousa header and dc muffler is coming soon and in response to the two guys who have the weapon-r dragon intake systems do what I did and throw a better filter on. My bro had a dragon intake on my car when he had it and then I replaced it when I bought the car off him because the foam filter they have on there actually restricts airflow somewhat, you're better off spending $46 bucks and replacing the filter with an injen or something else nicer

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I just recently came back to this forum after a long haitus. My car has completely changed from when I first joined here.

Before... Stock. Not my car. Just a representative picture.


Angel Strike

shaved front emblem
shaved moldings
shaved rear badging
RS Front Lip
TRD rear valences
Inner mounted front plate
Redded out 2001 Taillights
Blacked out headlights
15" Konig Heliums
205/50/15 Toyo Proxes
SR48 forged extended lug nuts

Relocated overdrive

9000K bixenon H4 kit
Hella 1152 Fog Lights
Custom red LED taillights(pending)

Forza header
Custom mandrel bent catback
Magnaflow oval muffler
Magnaflow resonator


OBX Gravitation coilovers
KYB GR2 struts
Generic front strut bar
Ksport coilovers(pending)
Ultra Racing fender bars(pending)
Ultra Racing 3 point front strut bar(pending)
Ultra Racing rear strut bar(pending)
Whiteline 20 mm front and rear sway bars(pending)

Pulstar 1,000,000 watt pulse plugs
NGK plug wires
Sun Auto Hyper Voltage System and Hyper Ground System
Optima red top
Stebel 139dB airhorn
1 - 20 of 344 Posts