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Post Your Gas Mileage

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I'm wondering what everyone else gets for gas mileage on their cars. Since most of the people on her own older cars, I think it might be interesting to see what everyone gets.

Please list your car, engine, and anything that might effect your mileage (ie mods/performance parts).

Model: 92' Camry
Engine: 3vz-fe (V6)
Mods: None
MPG: 27 mpg
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Model: '89 4WD X-Cab Pickup Auto
Engine: 3vz-e
Mods: I/H/E, Bored T-Body, No Cat, Black Magic Fan
MPG: 20 mpg HWY
Model: 1994 Gen3 Camry
Engine: 5sfe
Mods: SRI/Custom Exhaust
MPG: 20-21 combined city/hwy
Model: 01 Camry CE
Engine: 5SFE
Transmission: Auto
Mods: No performance mods
MPG: average 29-31 (95% highway)
Model: 96 Camry le
Engine: 1MZ-FE
Transmission: Auto
Mods: K&N Panel Filter, Bosch 4 ground plugs
MPG: average 25 city, 33.5 (highway drafting :D )
Aw man, this is the weekly "Whats your gas mileage post"?
I think it's 20 mpg that I am getting and maybe 26 highway. I wish more~

well im in KMS so

11kms-13kms per Litre
4afe w/ bolt ons and 16x7 rims
Model: 1992 Toyota Camry
Engine: 5sfe
Mods: custom CAI, clear signals, clear tails, custom grille, custom catback exhaust, audio system, silverstar headlights
Mileage: bout 300 miles to the too lazy to do the math
Wow yall are getting shity gas.. I got exhaust and an intake and i still get 30 mpg 400 miles a tank try shell nothing is better
2001 neon se 5 speed around 27 city 34 highway not bad for a 4 banger
Tarago (700k) was getting 25 mpg Aus (9klms litre) on shell premium ulp but the local garage changed to caltex and is now up to 28(10klms litre) and running heaps better. Also when towing our small sail boat it was down to 7 klms ltr but went to 9 towing the boat with caltex. Our 90 Corolla is running the same but on the same 400 klm trip got 11 klms on ulp and 14 klms/ litre on the caltex premium ulp.
I didn't think there was much difference in fuels before but am now convinced.
33 mpg on highway, abt 25 mpg in city...

my baby, 5-sfe stock, no mods yet.
450km in the city.
700km in country.
45L tank... Too lazy to do the math.
29.4 mpg average

I ususally get about 250km out of 20L
Combined milage I normally get 22mpg. 25mpg if I slow down, 18 if I'm out playing with a tank of gas. Cheveron to win. I hate shell... All of their stations turn their electronic pumps off when they close the store. How fucking stupid is that?
my fx gets 32.4 miles per gallon. this is mostly highway driving
best - 34.6 MPG 6.8L/100km
worst - 31.3 MPG 7.5L/100km

2005 Echo RS Hatchback, just completed the break in period (1500km, 930miles), almost all in town driving. Best mileage fillup had one 200km run highway to visit my parents. Yes, I do track this least a small excel spreadsheet heeps me from having to do the math each time!

Now the Supra...I don't even want to think about it...better than the explorer, but not by much!

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