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Potential buyer has questions...please help!

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Well, I have been looking to downgrade my car payments from my 2005 Subaru to a 98-03 Tacoma. Tacoma came well recommended from my bro in law as well as others who own them.
I am most interested in an extended cab, 4cyl, 4WD. I would prefer a manual tanny, but automatic will do. I have some questions:

-First, what is the observed gas milage between the 4cyl, and the 6cyl? I live on the flatlands east of the rockies in Colorado. I commute about 40 miles a day into work (4cyl.), but I sometimes would haul stuff, and head to the mountains as well (perhaps the 6cyl then?) My moutain driving would mainly be for skiing, thus staying on the highway. I don't tow anything right now, but perhaps a small pop-up camper someday?

-Extended cab? First, how big is it? I would at least like to know if it could comfortably fit my dog (a Lab/Bloodhound mix, to give you guys an idea of her size) for longer trips when my SO and I decide to go up to the family cabin.

-Any folks from Colorado know of a good honest place to look for a used Tacoma?

-Any dealer guys know if I would hose myself (financially) trading in my Subaru (with about 16k left to pay) for a cheaper Tacoma?

Thanks in advance for helping me out! Hopefully I can find something good for me and contribute more in the future. Looks like a great site!
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Hey AnalogKid,

You a Rush fan, by chance? Wasn't this song on their Signals album? One of my favorites.

I sold my '99 Tacoma this summer and just bought an '06 Double Cab Tacoma. Love it.

The '99 was a nice, tight truck. Mine was the V-6, 4WD extended cab.

Definitely get the extended cab. You can put your dog back there, or you can stow your gear.

Don't remember the difference in gas mileage between the two engines. I think the V-6 was getting around 18/22. Mine was the automatic transmission. The smoothest transmission I ever drove when it was new. It gradually came to where I could feel it shift, but it was still smooth.

If buying used, buy from a mature individual. Buy a one-owner truck. Don't buy one that has been tricked-out. You'll avoid lots of headaches this way.

Best of luck to you.

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gas mileage on 98 2.7

I get about 19 MPG on the highway with my '98 2.7 I4 manual trans. Around town I get about 17 MPG. I have the TRD package, a 3" body llift and 31" MT's, so I'm probably on the low side of average. The truck has plenty of torque, but won't be winning any races against BMWs! Engine speed is suprisingly low at 70 MPH. If you are going to tow or haul heavy loads frequently, you probably are better off with the V6.

BTW My 2 Subarus ('01 Forester and '96 Impreza) each get only about 23-26 MPG. The AWD-drive-all-the-time in every Subaru (at least recent ones) is great, but certianly uses more gas than similarly sized 2WD cars. As much as I like the Subes, I must say the Tacoma is built better. Good luck.
I get from 19 mpg in the winter to 23 mpg in the summer in New England with my 97 4cyl 4wd ext cab. It's not great compared to a car but a lot better than the big trucks many people are driving that don't really need to. The 4 cyl power is adequate and the engines are bullet proof. Mine runs perfect after 131,000 miles. Still drives tight and straight. If you are towing, you probably aren't in a hurry anyway, just shift more. If you like more power, look for a V6 so you won't be unhappy. Never tried an automatic but the manual transmission is great and fun to drive.

Check the rear end on the Tacoma you look at; if the truck has big tires and only like 3.58 gears it might seem slow.
You are looking at a 2-3 mpg difference from a 4-banger to a V6. If you live in the mountains, Id go with the V6. If you do get a 4-cylinder, do NOT get one with an automatic tranny. 4-cyl with an auto tranny is going to be a gutless, underpowered combination.
You get about 6"-8" of space behind the seats with an extended cab. Its not a lot of room, but its something thats nice to have for hauling stuff that you dont want to put in the bed. It should be plenty of room for your dog. I used to have an extended cab Ranger and my black Lab (75 pound dog) fit in the back just fine. In fact, she had enough room the she used to sit in one of the jump seats and look out the window. LOL
You might be better off selling your Subaru yourself. You tend to get lowballed when you switch brands. However, if you can trade your Subie in for what you owe on it or higher, it might be better off than trying to sell it yourself. Less of a headache that way and you wont be paying to insure 2 vehicles in the meantime.
Good luck.
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Okay, I better reply since I have bought a Tacoma and I am still getting some great advise from you guys on it.

I ended up finding a 99 4wd TRD Est Cab at the local Toyota dealer. It was in AMAZING condition, the bed looked as if the guy never hauled anything in it and the only problem with the interior was that the previous owner was a smoker. In its 77,000 miles, the Carfax showed that it was regularly maintained every 3000 miles. It has new tires and a new timing belt. It was listed pretty high around $15,500, but had lower miles and I had the dealer run it thorugh the inspections and got it Certified through the Toyota Certified program. The way the deal worked out was that they gave me more than trade in value for the Subaru (hot seller in this part of CO) and I ended up financing $14k for the Tacoma.

I probably could've worked a better deal out. I bought the car on an impulse and was at first remorseful for acting so quickly. I am not that much of a haggler when it comes to car buying, but for what I got and what I spent I am happy with it. My Subaru was a great car, but it didn't fit me. I offered it to my girlfriend, but she didn't want to have a car payment and her car is in good shape still. (98 Saturn). After a couple days of thinking, I really like my Tacoma and I already have plans for hauling stuff for house projects when the weather gets warmer.

The dog fits great in the EXT. Cab. Although she loses her balance in the foot wells, I am going to rig up something so she'll have level footing in the back, and be able to nap on long car rides like she likes to do. It has a bed liner, and like I said looks like the bed was never really used. It is a V6 and an atuomatic. I really wanted a 5 speed, but the auto is very smooth and it does pretty well. The V6, as a calculated on my morning fillup, got about 21 mpg (I drive like a grandpa, although I am in my mid 20s). I am very happy with the truck, it runs like a champ and I am looking forward to the next snowstorm to drive in. ;)

Thanks for the help guys, and I hope I can learn more here as well as contribute in other ways. If anyone knows of a good dark green used truck topper, then pass the info on my way!

P.S. I am a HUGE Rush fan, Count. :clap:
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Dog bench

I have an 02 xcab and made a simple bench for my dog. I simply cut a board to fit the xcab area so that it sits flush on the floor when the seats are up. I covered it with carpet and installed legs on the front of it that rest in the foot wells. It works great and gives the dog more room.
V6 is the way to go. When I moved to Boulder I bought a 99 v6 4x4 and that thing is indestructible. Moving from FL i definately felt a difference due to the altitude but even at that, bone stock it has plenty of power going over the pass. Plenty of torque for some sick wheelin. It is as sure footed as a goat (thus i dubbed it 'the Goat') in the snow and on the trails. I cant imagine how sick it must be after all the upgrades I have planned.

The ext. Cab is plenty big for a dog. I have a 70lb. Boxer and a 12" sub in the back and there is plenty of room.

I highly recomend it.
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