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power door wont lock, unlock

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I noticed yesterday that my passenger door wont lock or unlock with the power doors. I can unlock/lock it manually, but not with the power locks. It seems like its trying to move but it just wont. Any ideas as to what the problem is so I know what to look for when I take the door panel off?
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check for bad wiring or something's stuck on the motor
lol thats nothing turn not having your driver side not work. You get used to it. whats wrong is maybe the wiring or maybe the panel itself.
Same problem in my 94, driver's side doesn't work. Like he said, you get used to it. :eek:
the gear to the actuator is screwed up, go to ur junkyard and get a replacement.
How do i replace the gear to the actuator? cuz im not sure what the actuator is, lol. i took the door panel off last night but couldnt find anything helpful
what i'm attempting is to replace the whole panel. not sure if it will work but i'm going to give it a shot.
maybe im missing something but how would the panel affect it?
I forgot to mention...i can unlock/lock the door from the inside of the car (manually, not using the power door lock) also i can open it when I use my key on the passenger door (its the passenger door thats messed up).

Does it still sound like the gear to the actuator? Once I get the gear, how do i replace it?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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