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power locks died

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about a month ago i just realized that my power locks have not been locking when u lock my car with my security system. when i press the button, the alarm arms, but the locks to not lock. the funny thing is is that when i stick the key in the ignition all my locks will unlock if they are in the locked position.

now, another weird thing that has been happening is that if i leave my car sitting for more than about 3 days without starting it, the car will die. just recently, (within the last 4-5 months) i had gotten a new battery and a new alternator. this is confusing the shit our of me.

i am wondering too if i have a blown fuse which is why my powerlocks wont work and why it is draining my battery? but another weird thing is that my sunroof still works and i believe according to me user manual the sunroof on my car is on the same fuse as the powerlocks.

i have some weird stuff going on and was wondering if someone could shine some light on my problems... :)

i have a 95 camry I4.
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Go over all connections once and then again. Check all fuses too. Sorry I can only point out the obvious. You probably went over all of that.
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