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Power loss, poor gas milage

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Hi everyone. I'm new to the thread and need some help with my truck. I love my truck and it just got paid off but I'm having some issues with it right now.
I own a 1998 Toyota Tacoma 2.4L automatic with 132,000 miles. I never drive it hard, but I did buy it used from the Toyota dealer when it was 2 yrs old.

Here's the sypmtoms I'm having with it.
It idles smooth but I lost power and Im getting poor gas milage. The engine is now running a bit high in the RPM range while picking up speed.
The engine light came on and gave a code p0420. I replaced the catalytic converter but did nothing in gaining the power back and still getting poor fuel milage.
I installed new Toyota spark plugs in it last week, the air filter was checked and looks clean and it doesnt look like it will cause this much power loss.
Any help would be greatly appreciated,
Thank you,
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Try some seafoam fuel injection cleaner.I got mine at autozone.This stuff dose wonders.My 3.4 idled ruff and ate gas.I dumped two cans in it and the idle has smoothed out after just half a tank.
Sounds like you need a major tune up. I have a 1999 PreRunner 3.4L V6 and I drive it conservatively and I was disappointed that at around 235 miles of driving, I have to start worrying about filling up the tank. My BIGGEST complaint about the PreRunner is that the gas tank is so small that if you drive a lot, you literally have to fuel up every 2 days or so. If the fuel injector cleaner idea doesn't work out for you, you may wanna check if you have a bum muffler that is choking the exhaust more than it ought to (in this case, you'll have to replace it obviously, mufflers have a finite lifespan as well).
Try adding a can of BG 44K to a full tank of gas. Don't get any on your paint. This stuff will clean your injectors and fuel system, and will make your truck run like a cheetah!

Good Luck!

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