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power mirrors

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Hi all,

I want to install power mirrors in my 90 DX. I know that some models came with them. My question, is the power mirror wiring/harness there? I would like to keep it stock if possable but could wire something if needed. One other question, the coupe mirrors will not fit the sedans will they? Thanks.
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Interesting question, not sure. I just looked at Rockauto. When looking at the 90 Corolla SR5 for outside mirrors they are only showing sedans and wagons, but not coupes. I am sure one of the others here will know for sure...
I am going to pull the rear console this weekend. If the harness for the mirror is there for the switch then cool. If not, I do my own.
Last I recall when I pulled the door panel I did not see a harness going to the mirrors. You will likely have to wire it all up yourself.

About the coupe's mirrors, they will not fit the sedan. It has been discussed here before and someone actually tried it.
1990 Coupe outside mirrors

Has anyone found a source (besides junkyards) for outside manual mirrors on the Corolla?
Sedan had power mirror options, not just the coupes.

The only thing I know is that the wiring and connector is there in the center console for the mirror switch. But there's no harness in the door.

I have sedan power mirrors that I haven't installed yet.
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