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There is a "normal" 12v battery, but it's much smaller than a normal car uses, since it is not used to start the ICE. It's mainly used to run accessories when the vehicle is "OFF" (mode 1).

It's also used to filter the 288-to-14volt inverter, which runs all LOW power accessories... lights, radio, wipers, cig. lighters, ECU, etc.

The power steering, aircon, etc. are high voltage electric powered from the traction battery (288v).

There are (apparently) 2 accessory outlet fuses, both 15 Amp (see owners manual, or Google).

Don't plan on putting "heavy" loads on the 12v battery, it's not like a regular car that uses an Alternator to charge it... there is NO alternator. The 12v (14v) circuit comes from the Synergy inverter system, that has a circuit specifically for dropping the 288volt traction battery voltage down to 12/14volts. THis part of the Inverter onyl operates when the vehicle is "running" ("Ready").

As long as you stay within the 15Amp rating of the dual accessory outlets, everythign will be fine... as long as you do NOT run them very long after the vehicle is turned OFF.

This is one reason some HiHy owners have had to replace their 12v battery multiple times... they simply do not understand its limitations, by design.

Most "normal" vehicles have a 12v battery rated for 80-100 Amp/hours, since they are called on to "cold crank" the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE). The HiHy 12v battery is only around 50 Amp/hours, since it's not being asked to do very much (the 288volt traction battery actually "starts" the ICE when needed).

Hope this helps!
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