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Power seat belts

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I disassembled the passenger power belt mechanism to try a repair....i tested the motor and it cycles fine with spare battery and leads.....i pulled the track out and noticed one end is different than the other(pix) this correct ,or just chewed through many teeth notches??? does this track attach to the moveable portion of the belt??
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...did some more disassembly and figured out how to get the belt slider pivot arm out of its's removed by the forward section of track(close to A pillar)...unscrew 2 screws for the reversal pin switch and it allows the arm to exit track..the pix above is how it is attached to the arm, the oval section wraps around the arm....since mine was split and trashed, i cut the bad section off and used a razor knife to make a oval out of a few of those teeth holes....there is plenty of slack in the cable...i reassembled and it works.....just need to get the drivers side fixed now.
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