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Power steering experience

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My pump on a 4Cyl has lasted 220,000 km & recently survived 80 Km of driving with no fluid! The return hose had popped off. So far no ill effects
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Mine is still alive and kicking at 290K miles....but i've never let it run dry....Yet. :D
lol damn mine is leaking at 135k miles and has to get replaced soon >.<
XET, do you have a GEN 3? And where does it leak? I suspect mine's leaking but have yet to see and confirm where. Thanks.
I have a gen 4, I didnt get a chance to look myself really but my mechanic let me know. You can tell because fluid levels get low and there is groening when you turn the wheel. I only have a small leak, hence the ability to top off the fluid and let it go to next oil change
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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