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Power Steering Leak

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About a month ago I got in my car to the power steering being hard so I added some fluid. I had no problems for about 2 weeks when it happened again. I now have to refill the resivuar every 2-3 days. I have not seen any leaks under the car and I have been using fluid with 'stop-leak'. Anyone had a similar situation? Any ideas where it may be since I dont see a leak. BTW, I had my C-V joints replaced about 5-6 weeks ago if it matters.
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no leaks at all under the car?

did you maybe check the rack to see if there is any oil around or on the rack?? or the pump?

my crap leaks too but not that bad
it has to be leaking out of somewhere. usual places are high and/or low pressure hoses and the rack itself. come to think of it, if it's leaking out of the rack itself, the fluid may be getting trapped in the rack boots, so have a look around your steering rack boots and check for any signs of leaking fluid.
Where would I look for the rack boots?
Your rack is probably leaking. Mine is too. Best thing to do is keep adding fluid. That rack is expensive as hell to replace.
May be not really topic related question, but how often it is recommended to replace power steering fluid (if it has to be done at all)
Probably every 6,000 miles. I'm not sure, but I would do it, or whenever it's noticeably low.
mmm you're going to have to get under your car and use a flash light and your fingers to figure out where its leaking from. I wouldnt take that car on a long road trip if i were you.
Most steering/suspension related items will cost a lot of money to fix but it's essential that you can steer. Assuming its only your powersteering in question its not so bad, but i have a feeling something caused this leak and its going to affect more than just your power steering.

the fluid...theres actually no recommendations on when to change the fluid as it's a closed system and in most cases there is never a need to change the fluid.
Theres a few threads about this.
Make sure you know if you have actual powersteering fluid or transmission fluid for your powersteering fluid. My gen 4 uses ATF.
I am beginning to change out a little fluid at every oil change using a baking type syringe. eventually it'll be all changed out (in theory).

Again its not necessary to change out the fluid. My old fluid vs new fluid is almost the same shade. 95K on the fluid.
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nodrogkam said:
Again its not necessary to change out the fluid. My old fluid vs new fluid is almost the same shade. 95K on the fluid.
Well, the reason I'm asking I have 475k on my ( Camry 92 V6) and rad fan is hydraulic - powered by power steering pomp and, well same fluid... I have some concern regarding fan performance so I think that fluid (and may be filter) replacement might help. Scarborough Toyota dealership did not recommend me to touch fluid either and they know nothing about filter ...
i dont think toyota have a power steering filter ....... but like they said check the rack just look under the brake booster area thats where mine was leaking you see where the stearing wheel comes to the rack and look around that for leaks.

also check the fans for the leak that might be why your not seeing the leak, it's just spraying the oil at your engine or something like that and your your engine is just burning it off.

easy way i say to check if thats the case fill it up with fluid and red line the engine, you should see the fluid spray out if it's leaking that bad.
My 97 V6 is leaking small amounts of fluid from the valve on the firewall. It will sometimes show as a very small grouping of drops under there. Btw, you are using the correct fluid aren't you? My 97 calls for ATF, IIRC. Definetly does not use PS fluid.

I have finally found a puddle under the car! It's about 1 foot inside the front passenger side tire. I havent had the time to jack it up yet but Im gonna check it today.

Any ideas on how much for a new rack or a new pump?
if its close to your passenger side wheel, i may be something as simple as a rubber line running to the reservoir.
Keep on talking about this leak, I have one, too and I suspect power steering fluid versus engine oil...but still have to rack it up and check. I tightened my valve cover bolts, still leaking some fluid....has to be the power one of the hoses.......keep on talking guys..
Oh yes, I have had to refill my powere steering every now and then, also, had to refill, still a mystery. OIL i understand, but Power steering (which is Dexron IV, ATF, by the way).....should not lose any. But I notice the level going down after a few weeks.

I need to lay down a clean cloth to check what kind of fluid I can find. Pink means Steering fluid.
I just saw the leak under passenger side by the tie rod, any idea how much it cost?
I was quoted AU$467 for the steering rack part only, mines leaking slowly, I put some goo in it, moreys I think, yellow bottle from memory seems to not be loosing fluid now.

I don't know how much labour there was some other work on the quote which I have done myself.
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