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92 Camry - V6 XLE
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Hey all,
Been lurking for a while, but this is my first post here. I've learned a lot from reading, but have a quick question.

My Camry, a well-maintained '92 XLE has developed a leak in the power steering. I've had it in for service over various intervals in the last few months and each time it's been up I've asked for opinions. All the mechanics seemed to think it was the rack leaking, which is certainly possible. What makes me think that's NOT it is the fact the leak is only on the right side, near the PS pump. I don't have a way to look under it myself except for wedging myself under the RF wheel with a flashlight. When I do this, based on what I can see, I see fluid on the pump and the hoses. The pump sounds normal, the belt is fine, and it leaks only a small amount at a time, mostly after heavy traffic driving on a hot day. The only abnormal thing I've noticed is that there is a slight whine coming from somewhere under the hood, which I've investigated with the hood raised. When I press the gas, the whine gets louder but isn't prominent. I'm assuming this is a normal noise for the PS or water pump, because I've not been aware of it in the past. I notice it more now because my ears are looking for any new sounds as of late.

Any ideas? Should I get the pump and/or hoses replaced in the PS system just to be safe? What's a reasonable price range for parts and labor?

Thanks again everyone.
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