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I was putting my Power steering pump back together from a rebuild and I accidentally dropped the fitting with the two hose barb outlets. I lost the orientation of it and I am unsure how it's supposed to go on.
It's hard to tell in the picture, but one barb is dark than the other. Is this the right way around or not? Does it matter?
Also, about what clock orientation (as per picture, its about 8 right now) does it have to face when installing in the car?
I pulled the motor out of my car so I have nothing to go by. Since the power steering pump is a major pain in the ass to get to, I'd rather have it attached to the block and put the hoses on from there.



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That's a vacuum-actuated idle speed controller, for when you turn the wheels to the extreme right or left. On some cars (without this gizmo), the idle speed will drop when you turn the steering wheel to the stops. Not sure which vacuum hose is which, but the easiest way to see if it's working is to crank the motor and turn the steering wheel fully either way. If the idle speed slightly increases once you hit the max travel limit on the steering wheel, you have it installed correctly.

If the idle speed slightly decreases, switch the vacuum hoses.

Or you can just ditch the P/S altogether!

Oh, and the orientation you have in the picture for that part is correct
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